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[BETA] Über Sub-Forums 1.0.11

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:35 pm 
Post subject: Über Sub-Forums 1.0.11

MOD Name: Über Sub-Forums 1.0.11
MOD Author: Ornette
MOD Author: niekas
MOD Author: harishankar
MOD Author: kratzer54847
MOD Author: acoolwelshbloke

MOD Description: Provides a single level of sub-forum capability to your board.

I made an update of the old 'Pseudo Sub-Forums' MOD before, which I originally posted here, and having done a little more work with it I thought i'd 'officially' post it here for feedback and use by the community.
The current version is 1.0.11, not the correct version numbering for a 'alpha'/'beta' mod, but following on from the previous versions nonetheless.

Updates since my last update:
  • Added moderators to forums list in viewforum.php
  • Updated 'Mark forums read' to now include all sub-forums
  • Got rid of the switch block vars, using preformated variables instead (should be more compatible for other mods)

I generally cleaned a lot of the code within index.php & viewforum.php and made the mod install template a lot tidier which always helps. I also made some extensive notes within the install file on changes and also the history of the mod, which is important as not all my own work. What I haven't done is touch any of the code in admin_forums.php, yet, but plan to for a next version perhaps.

Other things to do to make this a completed mod is to finalise the make-jumpbox() function for the sub-forums, and do some work with search.php.

This mod is a lot simpler than Subforums Plus, that one making a lot of changes to index.php, and unlike Simple Subforums doesn't depend on another mod to work (i.e. Extreme Styles). Which I think still makes this a valid phpBB2 mod


 Filename:  Uber_Sub-Forums-1.0.11a.txt
 Filesize:  64.01 KB
 Downloaded:  4832 Time(s)

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