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Continue the legacy...

Welcome to all phpBB2 Refugees!Wave Smilie

This site is intended to continue support for the legacy 2.x line of the phpBB2 bulletin board package. If you are a fan of phpBB2, please, by all means register, post, and help us out by offering your suggestions. We are primarily a community and support network. Our secondary goal is to provide a phpBB2 MOD Author and Styles area.

Welcome to

About This Site
This site was set up to welcome those users of phpBB that are still using version 2.x. We intend to offer this site as a new community to replace the retiring forums at the official site. Note that this site is in no way official nor is it affiliated with or authorized by the phpBB Group. We do not expect such an endorsement would be forthcoming, nor will we ask for one. Instead this site will provide a place for people to ask questions, provide answers, and share experiences with the legacy 2.x line of the phpBB2 board software. Indeed, this is a community of people with a common interest: getting the most out of their investment in the legacy 2.x line while they further ponder their options for eventually upgrading (or not!) to future versions of the software.

Current Release Information
If you have found this site and don't know what it's all about then you should know that we are not using the most current release of the phpBB software. The current release (as this page was written) is phpBB3. If you are starting a brand new community then we suggest that you carefully consider whether you really want to use an older version or use the most current release. You can review a data sheet provided by the phpBB Group that compares features available in phpBB2 versus phpBB3 (in their standard form) here.

Downloading Software
We will provide a download for the current version of phpBB2. We strongly suggest that everyone be updated to this release for a wide variety of reasons. If you are not running the latest release your ability to get help from the members of this site may be affected. The download page is not up yet but will be soon.

You may also, of course, download the current or prior versions from the repository at sourceforge.

We do not use a standard (also known as "vanilla" or "unmodified") version of the software here on this site. The code used on this board is based on an extensively customized board run by one of our founders. It is still 2.x at the core, but more than a few alterations have been made. For a list of features that have been added or altered please review this topic.

Other Items of Interest
Just like any other site, we have rules. We have a privacy policy. We have a terms of service. All of these things are important and you should read them and be familiar with the contents of these files before registering on and using this site. For your convenience they are collected here in a nice set of links.

Official Site
As mentioned above, this site is in no way official or even recognized / authorized by the phpBB Group. You can tell because we spell "authorized" with a "z" instead of an "s" . If you are looking for the official support site for the current version, please visit

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