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[Fork in development] Codename OxyGen

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Joined: 01 Jun 2009

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2021 11:49 pm 
Post subject: [Fork in development] Codename OxyGen

Codename OxyGen is a powerful fork of phpBB2, based on ideas from phpBB 3.0.x and Categories Hierarchy 2.1.x
Some parts of code are borrowed from these both software.

Working environment
Image link Apache 2.4.46
Image link PHP 7.3.21
Image link MySQL 5.7.33

New features
Image link Subforums
Image link Cache system (borrowed from Categories Hierarchy)
Image link Reorganized administration panel
Image link Reorganized code
Image link Forum permissions presets
Image link Default style: subSilver++ Ch-Spec
Image link Optimized SQL queries
Image link Removed max of HTML parts in PHP files
Image link New smilies administration panel (borrowed from Categories Hierarchy 2.1.7)
Image link New private messaging system
Image link New language files structure
Image link GPDR features

Image link Groups
Image link Forum permissions presets
Image link Forum permissions
Image link Ban list
Image link Disallowed usernames
Image link Topic and posts icons
Image link Moderators
Image link Pruning information
Image link Smilies
Image link Themes
Image link Censors
Image link Static configuration settings
Image link Template

Features based on MODs
Image link Always Show 'Edited by' 0.0.3
Image link Announces Suite 3.0.2a
Image link Auto Group 1.2.2
Image link Auto Shorten URLs 1.0.4
Image link Attachment Mod 2.4.5
Image link Ban Reason 1.0.5
Image link Board Favicon 1.0.0
Image link Buddy List 1.1.1
Image link Bump Topic 1.0.0
Image link Custom Mass PM 1.4.7
Image link Date Format Evolved 1.0.0
Image link Extra Forum Permissions 1.0.0 (via auths presets)
Image link Fix Session Error 1.0.1
Image link Forum Icon with ACP Control 1.1.0
Image link Forum Title as Weblink 1.2.2
Image link Group Join Date 1.0.0
Image link Group ModeratorZ 1.0.2
Image link Inactive Users 1.1.8
Image link Keep Unread Flags 2.0.7 (revized and optimized)
Image link Last Active Topic on Index 1.0.2
Image link Last Topic From 1.0.2
Image link Log IP Address on Registration 1.0.0
Image link Mini Last Visit 1.0.3a
Image link 'Olympus-Style' Forum Rules 0.7.0
Image link Olympus-Style Login Screen 3.2.0
Image link Panels Feel 1.0.1
Image link Password Protected Forums 0.5.1
Image link Post Description 1.1.3
Image link Quick Post ES (Expansion Set) 1.1.3c
Image link Quick Title Edition 1.7.0
Image link Recent posts 1.0.0
Image link Recycle Bin Hack 1.0
Image link Remove Cookies 1.0.1
Image link Resync Forum IDs 1.0.1
Image link Resync Topics 1.0.0
Image link Rules Page 1.0.1
Image link Run Stats 1.0.2 (with features borrowed from Categories Hierarchy)
Image link Save posts as drafts 1.0.25
Image link Select Expand BBcodes 1.0.2
Image link Simply Merge Threads 1.0.1
Image link Split Categories 1.0.0
Image link Split Posts 2.0.4
Image link Split Topic Type 2.0.1 (some parts of code)
Image link Temp Ban 1.1.5
Image link Today Userlist 1.2.1
Image link Topic Display Order 1.0.2
Image link Topic Poll Indicator 1.0.0
Image link Update Session on Page Change 1.0.0
Image link View PM While Replying 1.0.0
Image link XData CPF 1.0.3

Features inspired from MODs
Image link Admin Style Statistic 1.0.0
Image link Admin Email notification on New Registration 1.0.5
Image link Add Moderator Button 1.0.4
Image link Admin Flood Limit 1.0.1
Image link Admin Userlist 2.0.6c
Image link Advanced Poll Icon 1.0.0
Image link Hide_Language_Select 1.0.1
Image link Hide Style Select 1.0.2

Reflection about MODs
Advanced Color Groups Management 1.2.3
Advanced PM Quick Reply 1.0.5
Agreement On Index 1.0.0
Animated New Message Icon 1.0.5
Auto Subject on Reoly 1.0.2
Avoid Invisible Character 1.0.0a
Birthday Event 1.0.3e
Browsing as Guest Message 1.0.0
Change Email Sender 1.0.3
Configurable WhoIsOnline Reference Time 1.0.2
Disable Post Editing After X Hours 1.1.1
Disable User Posting Privileges 1.0.1
Disable Censors Per Forum 1.0.2
Disable PM Links 1.1.2
Easy assign user to groups 1.0.7
Edit Attachments 1.0.0
Extended Private Message Notification 1.2.0
Fix Send Password MOD 1.0.1
Forum Watch 1.0.2
Freeze Posts 1.0.2
Gravatar 1.2.0
Guest See Only First Post 1.1.9
Insert bbcode phpbb2 equal to the phpbb3 1.0.0
IP only by admin 1.0.1
Last Post Info 1.0.5
Login Redirection Suite 1.0.8
Search disable at busy peaks 1.0.4
View number of new posts since Last visit 1.0.7
Moved Topic Message 1.3.0
New then Unread PMs after login 1.0.3
PM Navigation 1.0.0
Prevent private messages from beeing deleted 1.0.0b
Quote With Or Without Images 1.0 4
Resend Account Activation E-mail 1.0.2
RSS Content Syndicator 2.0.2
Remove redundant BB style codes 1.0.4
Registration While Board Disable 1.0.2
Remote Avatar Check 1.0.2
Remove Users Signature & Editing Privileges 1.0.2
Search Highlight 1.0.0
Server Uptime MOD 1.0.4
Simple Colored Usergroups 1.0.1
User-Specific Edit Disable 2.0.1
Username link to profile 1.0.0
View Single Post 1.0.1
View Topic Title While Posting 1.0.6
YDISHES (Your Domain in SMTP HELO EHLO Stream) 1.0.2
ACP User Registration 1.0.1
Actually Disable HTML 1.0.1
Add Multiple Ranks And Staff View 1.3.5
Admin phpInfo 1.0.0
Admin Session Logout 1.1.1
Admin User Notes 1.0.0
Advanced Posts Merging 2.1.2
Advanced User Search 1.0.2
Approval MOD 2.0.0
File Attachment Mod v2 addon (thumbnail settings) 1.1.1
Allow Author Wildcard Search 1.0.1
Auto Cookies 2.0.2a
Autofill Fix 1.0.4
Avatar Check 1.0.0
Avatar in PM Inbox/Sent Box/Outbox/Savebox 1.0.1
Avatar Last poster on Index and Viewforum 1.0.0
No mass mail to banned members 1.0.0
Better captcha 1.0.1
Birthdays 3.0.0
Bookmarks 1.0.2
Post Breakdown 2.0.0
CatJumpbox 2.2.0
Change Poster 1.0.1
Clone posts 1.0.6
Colour on poll results 1.1.1
Contact Form 9.0.0
Default Shadow Topics Off 1.0.0
Disable Search Indexing 1.0.0
Display Jumpbox On Index 1.0.3
email links directly to new pms 1.0.2
Error Avatar 1.0.1
faq admin 1.4.6
Faq Manager 1.0.0
Forced login 2.0.2
Limit login attempts 1.0.1
List watched Topics 1.0.0e
Lock During Posting 1.0.2
Mark Category Read 1.0.1
mark pms unread 1.0.8
Mass Delete Posts (From Topic) 1.1.1
Ranks summarize 2.0.0
Simply Merge Threads 1.0.2
Sub-templates 1.0.4
Note to Admin on Admin Activation 1.0.0
Null Vote 1.0.1
Oops - Database Down 1.0.0
Page Permissions 1.2.2
View/Disable Avatars/Signatures 1.0.0
prevent reply notifications to unauthorized users 1.0.5a
printer-friendly topic view option 1.0.8
Protect useraccount 1.2.8
Quick poll insert 1.0.2
Quick Search 3.0.1
Remove Quote Function From Guests 1.0.1
Rank Tags 1.0.2
Rebuild Search 2.4.0
Log IP Address on Registration 1.0.1
No Website Signature during registration 1.1.11
Registration Stopper 1.2.0a
Remove Cookies 1.0.1
Report Posts 1.2.3c
Results Here 2.0.1
Resync forum ids 1.0.1
Resync User Post Counts 1.2.1
RSS Feed 2.2.4
RSS Syndication 1.0.4
Rules Page 1.0.1
Save Bandwidth 1.0.0
Search Titles Only 1.0.0
Search Data 1.2.6
Search User's Posts At Viewtopic 1.2.0
Select Expand BBcodes 1.0.2
Send mail to user on admin (de-)activate 1.0.1
session_force 1.0.0
SMTP address:port Syntax 1.0.1
Save Admin Userlist Sort Order 1.0.0
Split posts and merge in one step 1.0.4
SQL Backup 1.0.12
Subject Check 1.0.1
Tabulated survey at topic head 1.0.19
Thumbnail-on-Dimensions mod (for Attachment mod) 1.0.7
Topic flood control 1.0.2
Track PMs 1.0.0
User Last Active 1.0.1
User hide signatures 1.0.1
User Shield 1.2.1
Visual Confirmation for lost passwords 1.0.2
Visual Confirmation on New Posters 3.0.1
View PM while replying 1.0.0
View Single Post 1.0.2
Advanced Vote Manager 1.0.2
Warn of Old Topic Before Posting Reply 1.0.0
Watched Topics List 1.1.0
Who Posted? 1.0.3
Advanced Pruning 1.0.0
Date in backup filename 1.0.1
Default Encoding 1.0.0
Display Total Attachments 1.0.4
Extended Censoring 1.2.0
E-mail Explain 1.1.0
Email address explain 1.0.0
Enter your name 1.0.0
Language Anywhere 1.1.0
Moderators can see hidden members on index 2.0.0
No PM-AttachBox If Not Allowed (for AttachMOD) 1.0.1
No flood control on edit 1.0.1
Olympus Group Colours 1.0.4c
Correct search synonyms 1.0.0
Show-hide Avatars And Signatures 1.0.0
Rank styles in memberlist 1.1.0
Search Usergroups 1.0.3
VB Style Quoting 1.0.1
View complete Avatar Directory Size 1.0.1
Advanced Account Activation 1.1.0
Admin Configurable SMTP Port 1.0.2
Anti Double Posts 1.0.3
Anti spam-bots 1.0.0
Auto-prune Polls 1.0.0
Ban Entire Groups of Email Domains with wildcard 1.0.0
Bbcode in forum Description 1.0.0
Collapsible Quotes 1.2.0a
Delete Self Checkbox in Profile 1.0.4
No doublepost 1.0.1
Double Post Control 1.1.0
Easy Banned Ordering 1.0.0
Extended Hide Forums 1.2.1
Fix hidden Topics 1.0.0
Group Membership (Viewprofile) 1.0.0
Grouped-Option Jumpbox 1.0.1
Visual Confirmation for Guests 1.0.1
Hidden Usergroups Dont Exist 1.0.1
Logout link on admin cp 1.0.0
Allow Moderators to See Invisible 1.0.0
No PMs to self 1.0.2
Pagination 1.0.0
Remove Banned Users From Memberlist 1.0.2
Remove Duplicate Sessions 1.0.0
Remove quotes from Search Results 1.0.4
Remove Sid For Guests (Search Engine Optimization) 1.0.3
Show Voters 1.0.0
Signature displayed once per page 1.0.2
Simple Auto Group 1.0.0
Simple Bin 1.0.0
Template Rank Images 1.0.3
Template Smile Images 1.0.0
View User Agent 1.0.4
Username in modcp 1.0.0
View Previous and Next PM 1.0.0
Admin view host at acp 1.0.6
Who is online time edit 1.0.3
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Board Member

Joined: 01 Jun 2009

Posts: 56

PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2021 11:49 pm 
Post subject: Re: [Fork] Codename OxyGen

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