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Single Quote & Multi-Quote Mod

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 2:09 pm 
Post subject: Single Quote & Multi-Quote Mod

I' am looking for two working mod's for phpbb2 (I'm using standard phpbb2 version), so maybe anyone has them or know where to get:

1st mod: Single Quote Mod
Basically I am looking for a MOD that allows you to quote an existing quote and it will strip out the first quote/quotes and only keeps the most recent one. Basically I don't want all those long archived quotes. I want only when you click quote button that you would quote only the response.

I actually found it on (I attached it down below), but the one they have doesn't work and don't do anything, like it says in the description.

2nd mod: Multiple quote
I could not find anything like this. What I want that I could quote multiple people by checking cheir post/clicking an "multiple quote" icon, and then when i click "post reply", in the posting window all the checked posts are in quotes tag. I want that i could do this not only in the last page, but throught all the topic, like i would like to quote a person in 1st page and then maybe some other post in 15th page and so on..

Is there anything like this available?


 Filename:  biffs_single_quote_mod.txt
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