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Hiding New Forums Until Ready

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 4:45 pm 
Post subject: Hiding New Forums Until Ready

In early versions of phpBB2 a forum was viewable and postable by anyone as soon as it was created. In later versions the code was changed so that forums required users to be registered before posting by default. However, the forum is still visible as soon as you make it. And since you can't set permissions while you are creating a forum this means that your "Secret Plans for World Domination" forum will be visible until you get a chance to hide it. That's not good. icon_smile.gif

A very simple tweak will change the default permissions assigned to a new forum.


$forum_auth_ary = array(
   "auth_view" => AUTH_ALL,
   "auth_read" => AUTH_ALL,
   "auth_post" => AUTH_REG,
   "auth_reply" => AUTH_REG,
   "auth_edit" => AUTH_REG,
   "auth_delete" => AUTH_REG,
   "auth_sticky" => AUTH_MOD,
   "auth_announce" => AUTH_MOD,
   "auth_vote" => AUTH_REG,
   "auth_pollcreate" => AUTH_REG

That code is found on lines 39-50 of that file in a standard 2.0.23 installation.

What you can do once you find those lines is alter any or all of them to suit your purposes. For example, if you want to hide the new forum until you have a chance to move it up or down and set appropriate permissions, it is simple. Change the first two permissions from AUTH_ALL to AUTH_ADMIN and nobody but you and your other board admins will be able to see the forum until you are ready. icon_smile.gif

The permission constants you can consider using here are:

AUTH_ALL = everyone including guests
AUTH_REG = limited to registered users
AUTH_MOD = requires moderator status
AUTH_ADMIN = requires administrator status

There is another option for "private" but I don't think it makes sense to default a setting to that value. If you want to make the forum 100% private so that nobody but administrators can see or do anything in the forum, use this:

$forum_auth_ary = array(
   'auth_view' => AUTH_ADMIN,
   'auth_read' => AUTH_ADMIN,
   'auth_post' => AUTH_ADMIN,
   'auth_reply' => AUTH_ADMIN,
   'auth_edit' => AUTH_ADMIN,
   'auth_delete' => AUTH_ADMIN,
   'auth_sticky' => AUTH_ADMIN,
   'auth_announce' => AUTH_ADMIN,
   'auth_vote' => AUTH_ADMIN,
   'auth_pollcreate' => AUTH_ADMIN

The values being set are probably self-explanatory, but in case not, here are the details.
  • auth_view - user can see the forum on the index page
  • auth_read - user can actually open the forum to read it
  • auth_post - user can create new posts in the forum
  • auth_reply - user can reply to existing posts in the forum
  • auth_edit - user can edit their own posts in the forum (does not grant the ability to edit posts by other users)
  • auth_delete - user can delete their own posts under certain circumstances (does not grant the ability to delete posts by other users)
  • auth_sticky - user can create a "sticky" topic in the forum
  • auth_announce - user can create an "announcement" topic in the forum
  • auth_vote - user can vote in polls in the forum
  • auth_pollcreate - user can create a poll in a topic
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